Patsy Remembered

I’ve been singing Patsy Cline songs a long time and love it! My momma and I decided it was time to put some of those great songs together and do a tribute CD to Patsy and that’s just want we did! The hard part was determining which hits would be included. When that huge task was complete, David McMillan-master musician-got started on the music. He did a great job-with ease-on all the songs and then brought in Eric Leider-another master musician-to add steel guitar. David, his wife Susie and daughter Sam did the background vocals and what an awesome project it turned out to be! It’s due to be released July 15th! You can purchase them before the release date online starting July 10th! I hope “Patsy Remembered” brings back good memories for you and you enjoy the music!

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Patsy Remembered CDs are available in Bastrop, Texas at: Sugar Shack – 114 Loop 150 W. Piney Creek Candles – 926 Main Street A Perfect Image – 99 Loop 150 W. Old Town Visitor Center – 1016 Main Street